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There is no one-size-fits-all marketing plan. The Marketing Blueprint process gives you a complete view of your business from your customers' viewpoint. From that perspective, we uncover what marketing can and can't do to help your business - and how to make it happen.

In just 30 days, you get recommendations on your top three marketing priorities, additional growth opportunities, a customer journey map with priority marketing programs for each of the seven journey stages, budgets and implementation plans.


The Marketing Blueprint report is useful, but it's the collaborative working sessions that provide the most value. The Marketing Blueprint process will give you clarity about marketing for your business, confidence as you make decisions and the satisfaction of programs that drive revenue growth.

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1. Discovery Session 

2. Develop Marketing Blueprint

3. Strategy Session

4. Final Marketing Blueprint


Marketing Blueprint

A fractional CMO gives you the experience and savvy of a CMO for a fraction of the cost of a full-time marketing leader.

We provide ongoing leadership of all aspects of your marketing program. We develop a marketing strategy, ideate and choose game-changing marketing tactics, optimize marketing investments, and manage staff and vendors. 

  • Overall management and delivery of marketing strategy, priorities and programs

  • Customer Journey Scorecard

  • Monthly Scorecard review with leadership team

  • Journey-based marketing budget planning and management

  • Direction and development for marketing staff

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  • Offload management of your marketing strategy and tactics

  • Grow revenue with the right programs at the right place and time

  • Rise above the noise with fewer, more impactful marketing projects

  • Connect all of your marketing investments to your business purpose

  • Avoid the “bright shiny objects” that dilute your resources

  • Measure every marketing effort – and learn from them all


Fractional CMO


Home Story Visuals grew revenues by more than 300% and profits by more than 100% after completing the Marketing Blueprint process.

A plan alone is not enough - you need to get things done.

B2B Clarity Implementation Coaching provides guidance and personalized counsel to help you get more from your marketing investments. 


Individual coaching connects you with the perspective and insights of a proven marketing leader so you can manage your marketing programs and staff efficiently and effectively. We can also help you develop individuals on your team to grow into the roles you need them to play. 


With B2B Clarity Implementation Coaching, you address gaps, accelerate change and help your team members evolve.

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Team development

  • Vendor selection

  • Budget planning

  • Content strategy

  • Thought leadership


Impementation Coaching
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