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Your Center of Gravity

A strong business brand, one that is clear, that communicates your true value to the market, that attracts new prospects, that keeps existing customers -- is one that is consistent.

Consistency is so important, and that's because your prospects and customers, they don't have time to study you in your business and all of your possible ways you can help them. They experience that, sometimes unconsciously, by all of the little things that happen day after day, week after week, in your business. The products performance, the messaging on your website, the behavior of your employees.

So, consistency happens not all at once. It's not something you can just decide to do. It happens over time. And I've found one way to help you keep your business experience consistent and therefore create a stronger brand, is by thinking about your business's center of gravity.

Between you and your ideal customer

So what is that? Your center of gravity? You can find that by looking at who your ideal client is, who's that customer profile, that's the perfect user of what it is you do. And then on the other side, who is it that you are? Why is it that your company exists? What is your core value to the world? Halfway between those two is the center of gravity of your business.

How you can help

Another way to define that is that is the boundary between you and your customer. It's how you can help them. That center of gravity is so important because if you keep your eye on that ball, you are reinforcing with the market and individual prospects, why you're here and what value you provide. By thinking about that as your purpose and making sure that most of your messaging, your initiatives, your activities, your product value is focused on that core value you provide to your clients. That will be the way your brand speaks to them over time.

Stay Close

Yes, the world's a messy place. You're gonna have clients that are significantly outside of that sometimes. There's always exceptions. You're gonna have products that may not neatly fit into to that particular center of gravity. That's okay, that's life, right? But I think the opportunity you have is to make sure that you focus your messaging and your communication on your center of gravity. And maybe you have some tactical opportunities that are outside of that, but the essence of what you do stays focused on that center of gravity.

That's important, not only for your prospects and customers, that's important for your employees too, to be reminded of what it is that your business does, and how it you help your core customers. Doing that will build this consistency over time in the experience your prospects and customers and employees have with your brand.

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