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The Marketing Threshold

If you try to do too many marketing campaigns, programs, activities, at the same time you overwhelm your staff and you're not as productive as if you do the right amount, you know, a fewer number and do them well. I think most people would would agree with that logic, but there's actually a more important dynamic that makes that true, that people don't talk about that much. And that is the marketing threshold.

The marketing threshold

The marketing threshold is the dynamic of marketing programs that as you start investing time in them, often nothing happens for your business until you reach a certain level of critical mass. And that's when the benefits in the market start to happen. It's not true in all market activities, but it's true in a lot of them.

Couple of examples, if you start a customer community and you don't have enough customers signed up and participating at the beginning and you don't have a good moderation and good content, when you start, you would've been better off not doing anything at all because you have a dead site for all to see and it hurts you rather than helps you.

Another example, if you decide to start a blog and you create a few blog posts for a couple months and then you stop, which happens a lot, you would've been better off doing nothing because now you have a blog. When people go to they see that you weren't invested in it and you didn't really believe in it, and there's not value there. There's a lot of things like that in marketing. So, I wanna share a couple of ways to get over the marketing threshold to make your programs cross that line and be successful.

Fewer is better

First, less is more. Choose a few programs and focus the time and effort before, during, and after launch so that they will achieve launch. They will, they will escape orbit, right? It's also good from a viewer. Fewer is better to think of targeting as sharp as possible. Fewer prospects that you're targeting with your program, the better. It's a lower threshold for you to reach that goal there.

Rightsize your programs

Secondly, take the time to understand, to gauge what it is that you're trying to achieve. So, if you have a large audience that you're trying to address, make sure you scale up your investments in your program, so it is going to be enough for you to cross that threshold and get to results. It's so common for people with Google ad campaigns, for example, to underinvest and not ever have enough to make a signal in the market or move that needle. Yes, you do wanna start small, but you need to have a plan that it scales when you're ready.

Be patient and persistent

And third time is your friend here. So many of these marketing thresholds are related to how long you stick with that program that you're doing. Google rewards you in their algorithms. When you do that, posting over time reliably for a certain period of time. It's only later when that hockey stick of keyword strength starts to take off.

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