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The Best AI Marketing Prompt

Full disclosure, this video is not gonna be about specific words and phrases to type into your ChatGPT window. There is so much expertise and change going on in that field today, that I really couldn't add much value in that conversation. What I wanna talk about is actually something I think is more important for your business and AI, and that is, what prompt do you need as you approach using AI to help your business in marketing? I believe there are two different ways to use AI. Two major categories of how you apply AI to your business. One will help your business immensely, the other could hurt, could get in your way and not help you at all.

Channel the Internet

The first, I'm gonna talk about the last one first. If you choose to use AI, the full power of AI, and channel all the information on the internet, which you can do, that's what one of the things that generative AI is doing for you. It's giving you access to everything, or most everything that's on the internet. If your motive for AI is to channel the internet, you're gonna dilute your value. So, what I mean by that is, if you are tempted by the approach to say, 'I'm gonna let AI tell me what to say about my business or my industry, or the problems that my clients have'. It's gonna be easy, but what's gonna happen is your story becomes the internet story or the average of everybody's story. You're no longer unique and focused on what you do.

Amplify your value

If instead of that, you start with your value and your purpose, that you know, and rather than ask AI to talk about that, you use AI to create shortcuts and do things faster and actually amplify your true story, than it becomes a productivity tool and crazy good productivity tool in so many different ways. The key, my message to you is, the key is, it starts with your purpose, and AI can't do that. You need to know why you exist and what you specifically do, and then AI can help you tell that story To me, it's like Cyrano de Bergerac, where he had his friend hiding in the bushes, telling him what to say, and he had somebody attracted to that, but that wasn't him. And at the end of the day, that doesn't help. You wanna make sure that you know your true story and that AI helps you tell that story.

I believe that core truth about AI isn't gonna change. Everything else is going to change rapidly. It's going to evolve and AI's gonna do things for our businesses that frankly, I can't even conceive of what it is. But at its core, it comes down to who's in charge, and you need to decide how it's gonna help you tell your story, or you won't have a story to tell anymore.

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