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The 3 Marketing Superpowers

There are three marketing superpowers: the three characteristics that, if found in a B2B marketing organization and culture, will make this company stand out and lead the pack in terms of attracting the right clients, keeping clients longer, and having higher profits.


The first of the superpowers is authenticity. This is about being transparent and truthful in all of your communications, and also in self-knowledge - knowing who it is that your business serves, and how you help them, what you do to help them; getting everybody in your organization on the same single truth; having one true story that ties your value to your target audience, and consistently demonstrating that and communicating that with your words, your content, and your behavior.


The second superpower is intention. This is about putting strategy before tactics; being planful; being selective; doing less and doing it better and following through; having a reason for everything you do in your marketing and measuring to make sure it's doing what it is you want it to do - and then adjusting that. Intentionality will transform a marketing organization by itself, let alone with the other two superpowers.


The third superpower is generosity. You might be surprised by that one, but it's possibly the most powerful one. This is customer-centricity on steroids. This is caring most about your client and talking about solving their problem, not about your capabilities. Everything should be tied to the needs of your client and how what you do helps them solve those problems. That generosity also carries forward when it comes to your sales process, where you look for ways to give away as much of your "goodness" as possible before your customer has to pay. Actually choose to try to find ways to give away more, rather than, "How can I get more?" That attitude and that philosophy and that culture do amazing things for a marketing organization and attract clients.

These three things together are amazing. That's why we call them superpowers!

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