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The 3 Content Essentials

I believe good content is at the core of most effective marketing programs. So today's marketing triple is: the three content essentials - the three things that every great piece of content includes.

First, your content is relevant to your target audience. It's something that's on their mind; It's something that's important to them. And ideally, it's something on their top three lists of things that they think about when they can't sleep at night.

Two, the content you create should reflect your experience in the space. It should provide some of that goodness that comes from all those years of experience, or hours of work that your team has done. That expertise that goes into your product or offering or solution is ideally partially in your content.

And three, your content needs to be valuable to your prospects - meaning it's something they can use, something they either can apply the ideas, it's something they can reflect on that helps them clarify things. It might even be a shortcut, a recipe or, you know, a how-to. Valuable content makes your content more than just words or video. It makes it something of...value.

If you have all three of these things - if you have relevance and you've instilled your experience into it, and what you've created is valuable to your end prospect - you now are giving them something that is precious. And you're often giving it to them for free. That sets you apart from other people who are selling first, which is really them taking time and attention from their clients. You get to give and you have an advantage with that approach.

I hope this was helpful for you and I'd love to chat more about it. Please reach out to me on LinkedIn or at my website, b2b clarity I'm giving away a free copy of my book this month. If you are interested, please text me at 66 8 66 and text the word Clarity and I'll put you on the list.

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