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Put Your EOS Three Uniques to Work

One of the secrets of really good B2B marketing is leverage - finding ways to do things once instead of multiple times to leverage work that you've done in multiple places and to tie things together so that they build on each other.

Case in point: EOS. If your company is using the Entrepreneurial Operating System, you've got a great investment that you can put to work in your marketing and make it better: your Three Uniques.

Your Three Uniques

So first a reminder about what these are.

The three unique are part of your V/TO. They are your superpower, your gift to the world.

So the Three Uniques are a powerful tool for you to use to show your customers what the value is you can do for them, right? Because it gets right at the essence of what it is you do.

Turn them upside down

The trick is to flip it around; turn it upside down. Instead of talking about you and how great you are and how unique you are, you talk about your customer and that special value you can offer that helps them.

And the way you do that in your marketing campaigns and put that action to work is to give it away.

Figure out how you can use your super power for good with your clients and then give some of it away. Give away some of that value at no charge. It could be a tool, some kind of content, an experience or an event.

Whatever it is, you want to demonstrate the value you offer your clients so that they're the ones that decide to say "I love them because..." - whatever your unique skills are, your Three Uniques.

You want them to say it. That's when you know you've won. it's not your job to say that; it's your job to demonstrate the value.

There's a book by Jay Baer called Youtility. It's an awesome book on this topic. It's focused on marketing that helps not hypes. I really recommend you take the time to read it.

Better marketing, less work

If you use your three unique in your marketing, you win in a lot of ways. It's less work because you're leveraging existing understanding of your value. Your message is stronger because it's tying directly into what it is your business does. And you're able to demonstrate that unique value and stand out with your clients in a way much better than you could if you were talking about yourself.

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