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The B2B Clarity Marketing Blueprint

I get a lot of questions about my marketing blueprint process, so here's a brief explanation of what it is and how it works.

I help CEOs of B2B businesses that don't have a marketing leader on staff make their marketing work better. Usually, I'm doing that as a fractional CMO - I'm in their business part time, leading their marketing strategy and execution.

But sometimes they're not ready for that. And that's where the marketing blueprint comes in.

The B2B Clarity Marketing Blueprint is a 30 day process where we work together to understand what marketing can and can't do for their business, and then how to make that happen.

Week 1: Discovery

It starts with the Discovery session. It's a 60 minute session where we go through the customer journey and I get a lot of information from them about their business, how it's working today and how it should be working.

The rest of that first week is spent collecting additional information that the business owner didn't have on hand when we had the meeting.

Week 2: Build the Blueprint

Then I build a draft of the blueprint.

I do some additional research and take the information I got and come up with recommendations and a view of their business.

Week 3: Strategy Session

Then we spent 90 minutes together in a strategy session.

This is the meat of the of the process. We talk about what I found and we make some decisions about what they're going to do with their marketing, what makes the most sense for them.

Week 4: Publish the Blueprint

Following that, I'm able to finalize the blueprint, and they get a documented version of all of that information.

The Blueprint is approximately 30 pages, and it includes not only overall recommendations but recommendations for each stage of the customer journey. It also includes spending recommendations how to divide that marketing budget across the different parts of their business.

Next Steps

Sometimes the Marketing Blueprint is all they need. and from that they can do. They have clarity about their marketing needs and can go forward on their own, which is great.

Other times they are going to DIY their marketing and they want additional help to implement the plan. In that case I can help with implementation coaching. - I help them move forward and make additional decisions along the way to get things done.

And then, of course, some of my clients want me at that point to manage their marketing as a fractional CMO. It's that much easier because we have a common understanding about what they're trying to accomplish and what marketing can do to help their business achieve their goals.

If you have any additional questions, I'd love to chat about the Marketing Blueprint process and your marketing challenges in general. You can reach me at my website or on LinkedIn.

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