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How to be a Thought Leader

Updated: Jan 23

Thought leadership is a very powerful tactic that is often overlooked by companies that are trying to grow. I wanna share some tips with you to help you apply thought leadership in your business.

Idea Marketing

First, think of thought leadership as marketing with ideas instead of products. So the, message that you're gonna be putting out with your content or your speaking, it shouldn't be your business or your solution. You need to have a topic that kind of is above or apart from that, but of course relevant to it. It could be a technology, it could be a, an issue for the industry. It could be a regional topic.

Start Early

And that idea, because it's not your product or your company doesn't have to wait for anything, new product launches or even standing up a new company. So you have the opportunity to start early with thought leadership and grow connections in your market so that you can actually become a leader in your space before you even have a product to sell.

Have a Core Truth

And your thought leadership needs to be organized around a single idea. Of course, it needs to be rich and multifaceted and, and have a lot of elements to it. But by starting with an, a central anchor, a core truth for your thought leadership, it keeps you consistent and helps you to, to evolve your story without letting it be confusing and it creates more power and more reach that way.

Create Relationships

And then finally, my understanding of marketing. My belief about marketing is it's, it's sole purpose, is to build relationships with your customers. Use thought leadership in that same way. So if you're out there talking about this topic, this industry topic, and you're not engaging with people, you need to rethink your message or your method so that you see these connections being made and relationships strengthening, then you know you have, you're on the right path for thought leadership to help you as you start to market your products and solutions.

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