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Go Deeper With Your Outreach

Go deeper with your outreach

If you're a B2B business and you're out in the market with some kind of marketing outreach to your prospect base, you might be doing it wrong. There's a couple of categories, ways to do this. One is easy, one is hard. The easy one doesn't work as well as the hard one. So, I wanna talk to you about going deeper with your outreach. Go deeper. What do I mean? Your clients are overwhelmed just like you are with to-dos. Priorities, business concerns, their personal life, and they're also overwhelmed with messages and people trying to connect with them. You have to find a way to stand out, and you won't stand out if you stay on the surface.

Eyes and ears

So, one option, staying on the surface is focusing on their eyes and ears. You're just trying to get their attention, right? You're interrupting them. You might be sending them a whole bunch of emails... that's spam, by the way. It's about quantity instead of quality. You might be focused on tempting them or maybe even manipulating them into talking to you with a bait and switch kind of a message. And while your intentions may be good, that you're sincerely, believe you can help them, when you start out with this artificial or surface level outreach, you're missing that opportunity of first impression. And again, they are so busy that they just probably won't have time for you in this important B2B solution that they need.

Hearts and Minds

What I encourage you to do is focus instead of on their eyes and ears, focus on their hearts and minds do things that are, are adding value to them and meaning, in their solutions, you're aligning with the way they see the world. You're taking the time to teach them something new. Share insights, more substantial information and experiences for them. This is harder work. It takes more effort and more money sometimes and a longer period of time to have outreach and marketing that does these substantial things. But you know what? That's the way you're going to break through and get their attention and stand out in the market.

So, you have a choice. You can take the easy path and you'll see a lot of activity on your side, but less in response from your clients. Or you can do the hard work and come up with a substantial, meaningful value add experience for your clients, and they will notice.

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