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Chat GPT and Marketing

Chat, GPT. Wow. It's on everybody's mind this month, and there's a lot of people wondering how it's going to affect the marketing world.

If you're not aware, it's an AI application that makes it almost, free to create, some pretty high quality language or content, using just a few words. And, so why don't I just wanna talk about what it is and how to think about it, or maybe some things to think about, when you think about how to apply it or not apply it to your business first.

What Chat GPT Is

You know, what is it? It's clearly a disruptor. It, it sure looks like it's on a path, AI in general, but chat, GPT and specifically is on a path to radically change processes and even industries, including marketing. But, it is early days. So, I would encourage you not to panic, because the other thing that chat GPT is, is it's a tactic. It's not a, strategy. It's not something that can be your marketing. And we have to figure out how it can help your business and where, but for today, don't consider it as, a replacement for the decisions you're making about how you talk about your business and how you position yourself in your market.

What Chat GPT Isn't

What chat GPT isn't, is a silver bullet. You, can't, win the market because of the magical capabilities of chat GPT. And that's because of the syndrome effect that's named after the Incredibles Character Syndrome. If you've seen that movie where he has, he's planning his evil plan is to make everybody a superhero. Because if everyone is special, then no one is, if everybody has chat GPT, then you aren't gonna be able to use it. At the end of the day, you aren't gonna be able to use it by itself to make your business stand above others. It's a commodity or will become a commodity just as, automated emails created the spam market and robot calling created the spam calling, process. So, you know, we don't know how that's all gonna play out, but it's important to keep in mind that your special sauce comes from how you apply tactics like chat, GPT as powerful as it is, it's still something That everybody has at their disposal and you win when you find a way to stand out and be your special, value for your audience.

So, a couple things for you to think of. I would encourage you to play with it if you haven't yet, and see how you can use it as a productivity tool in your business. There's likely places you can do things faster or better with a review process by using chat GPT. You also wanna start looking for a way to use that as a tool to, accent your differentiation.

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