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Branding Is Not An Option

When you're thinking about your marketing options, all the things you could do with your marketing time and money, are you avoiding brand? Is that a topic where you're saying, 'oh, that's a tough one, that that looks messy, it looks expensive'. So, we're just gonna pass on the whole branding thing and focus on our collateral or our website, or who knows what.

100% of Businesses Have a Brand

I want to share a perspective that it's not really a choice that you have because in reality, your brand is being created with or without your participation. Brand is the expectations of your prospects and your customers for you and your business. What you can do for them. If you don't tell them what that is, they're gonna make it up. They're gonna decide for themselves, how you can help or how you can hurt or why you should be ignored, or whatever it might be. Your opportunity with your brand is to be in the room, be part of the conversation and share who you are and why you're special.

Your Brand Fills a Vacuum

Without that, it will happen, however it's going to happen. It could be your competitors, it could be, more likely, it's kind of random thoughts of different people. So it doesn't get you where you need to get with your brand.

Fill The Void or It Will Be Filled For You

So you need to have a plan for your brand. And that means find a way to tell your story what it is you do that helps the, the solves the pain of your target customers and how you do it. Brand has a reputation for being this huge, million dollar problem or even a hundred thousand dollars problem. It doesn't have to be like any other marketing program. Brands should be right size to your business, your budget, your opportunity. So don't get scared away and think you have to go in at the highest scale to make a difference with your brand. You can do very practical and sometimes even free things to get the word out about how you help your prospects and your customers.

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