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4 Marketing Action Words

I talk a lot about how you need to put strategy before tactics with your marketing program, but don't get stuck in the ivory tower. You need to move quickly to action and get out there in the field and start doing things to move your program forward. So, I'd like to share four marketing action words. However, these are not your actions. These are the actions of your prospects and your customers that you are focusing on and trying to drive forward.


The first one is reaction. Your prospects are crazy busy, just like you are. They're overwhelmed with stimulus and in things in their inbox and everything else. So a really important starting place for your marketing is to find a way to get their attention that's not interrupting, it's not disruptive, it's attracting. So, you're looking for ways to talk about their issues, the things they care about, and how you can help them with those, and that's what will get their attention and have them react to your message.


The second action is interaction. Now that you're getting that word out, you want to find that first response from your prospects. You want to look for where they raise their hand, where they ask for help or are curious, and you wanna be ready to respond to that so that you can continue that conversation.


Which brings you to traction. You are looking for prospects that are interested enough in what you can do to help them have the problem that you can help them with. That they are starting to commit time to learn more about you, get closer to your business and closer to that commitment, which is a purchase. So traction is really important because that's when your prospects are taking you serious enough to invest their time and trust in you.


And the last word is satisfaction. I think the most important point in a marketing, sales, marketing process is that point of first use of your customer because you've been telling them what you're gonna do for them through the whole relationship. The point where they're first using your service or your product. That's where the rubber hits the road, and their reaction to that is a key thing for you to plan for and to grow from there.Because a happy customer is the most profitable customer and it's also your best sales team.

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